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The Iron Works Ltd. is a full service facility specializing in miscellaneous metal and structural steel projects. The experienced staff works in all types of materials, including stainless steel, brass, aluminum and iron.

In addition to a fully equipped 22,000 square foot job shop, The Iron Works Ltd. offers complete planning and design capabilities (including CAD), on-site consulting, strategic planning and installation management—everything you need to insure the success of your project.

While the company’s existing products can be customized to fit your criteria and circumstances, The Iron Works Ltd. also works closely with architects, engineers and others when the project calls for a unique solution.

In either case—working with a contractor or directly with a client—The Iron Works Ltd. project team follows the same proven steps to successful completion. It starts with your idea, and the conversion of your plans to shop drawings so you see exactly how your idea will be realized. Then in close consultation with your project leader, the experienced The Iron Works Ltd. staff will create work of high quality, lasting value, functionality and beauty.

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